*2018 Talking Points TBA*


2017 Talking Points

  1. Form an economic development program for the creation of jobs and invest capital funds into the rural and economically distressed areas of Maryland.

Rural areas tend to be the most economically distressed parts of Maryland.  Allegany and Garrett counties certainly fit into this category and extra assistance with economic development projects would help alleviate these issues.  Assistance in attracting businesses that pay family living wages would be most beneficial to this area of the state.

  1. The existing Payment in Lieu of Taxes program has been amended several times since the 1920’s and it is now time to again amend the program to make it a more fair approach of this issue.

Rural areas have the most acreage of forest and parklands and the state continues to purchase more in our counties, taking the properties off local tax rolls. In addition, the state does not utilize these lands as in the past, generating less revenue for the counties in that regard. It is time to amend this program to have a fairer reimbursement to the counties in which most of these lands are located. 

  1. Utilization of our natural resources in Mountain Maryland is a large part of our heritage, and the State should continue to support the use of its resources in an environmentally sound manner.

Historically, Mountain Maryland has had an abundance of natural resources that have been used for the benefit of its residents and others.  These are important resources that are going to be needed into the foreseeable future as other resources are explored.  Our citizens should be able to benefit and prosper from that utilization and not be overly hindered by the state.