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2019 Talking Points

Broadband Accessibility
Universal and affordable access to broadband is a key economic driver for Allegany and Garrett counties. Working together we can close the connectivity gaps in the region by developing innovative policies and programs to subsidize the infrastructure cost to expand broadband coverage. This approach will better position Allegany and Garrett counties to support existing businesses and attract and retain new business. Specifics asks as follows:

  • Fund a new study to research where we are lacking broadband and recommend how to reach these unserved customers.
  • Create a mechanism where Maryland ISPs are REQUIRED to provide customer address and level of service information to the Maryland Office of Rural Broadband.


  • Route 219 North:  Continue to work with the State of Pennsylvania for the connection of Route 219 North to the Pennsylvania state line.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Test Track: Support the work of the Governor’s Task Force regarding an autonomous vehicle (self-driving vehicle) test track to be located in Frostburg, Maryland, in partnership with Frostburg State University.
  • Western Maryland WORKS: Support capital funding for the establishment of Western Maryland WORKS, a training and makerspace in LaVale, Maryland.

Outdoor Recreation Projects
Geographically, aesthetically, and recreationally, the outdoors is what differentiates Allegany and Garrett Counties from the rest of the state. With 150,000 acres of publicly accessible land comprised of parks, forest, and lakes – our region offers exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities year-round. Funding is needed in both counties for the following projects:

  • Garrett:Wolf Den State Park, Youghiogheny Trail, Jennings Brothers Rail Bed
  • Allegany: River Park at Canal Place